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Book Traces - Field Trip and / or Assignment Opportunity?

As libraries go digital, many institutions are finding that they simply do not have the space for all of the books in their collections, especially if there are multiple editions of the same book. Book Traces was sponsored by NINES to help collect images of individual 19th-early 20th cent. books–including the drawings, doodles, notes, messages, and keepsakes left in the books–to help preserve what is unique about them before they are [potentially] thrown out.

This site allows users to upload photos of books from libraries and schools all over the country and to categorize them by topic. Judging by the submission dates and locations, it looks like some colleges may be assigning students to visit the library and take photos of books to submit to this site.

This could be a great assignment to not only involve students in a DH project, but also to encourage them to visit and learn about the library resources in their area!

Book Traces

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